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Who sings these: "Midnight Blue, So Lonely Without You". 1983 romantic duet, NOT Melissa M

A man and a woman sing this song. It came out about the same time Sting's Every Breath You Take. It's a ballad, almost like an opera-style. It wasn't palyed much after that year. This is NOT Melissa Manchester's Midnight Blue.

Who sings these: "Midnight Blue, So Lonely Without You". 1983 romantic duet, NOT Melissa Manchester!!!home theater

Louise Tucker - Midnight Blue Lyrics

Midnight blue - so lonely without you.

Dreams fed by the mem'ries

oh let the music play.

Midnight blue - those treasured thoughts of you.

Gone now and forever


let the music play.


midnight -

I forgave you

couldn't save you

drove you from my mind.

Midnight blue - so lonely without you.

Warm words from a fantasy

oh let the music play. '

Midnight blue - the tears come flowing through.

I'll never forget you


let the music play.


midnight - . ..

Midnight blue - those treasured thoughts of you.

Gone now and forever - please

let the music play.

Request correct title of music?

I am trying to find the correct title of a piece of music. It is usually played with an organ. It sounds evilish at the beginning, but mellows out at the end. I believe it is actually a Christian song and has been played in churches.

Back in the 70's, I think I heard it in either a "Phantom of the Opera" movie or "The Wax Museum" movie.

It might be referred to as "the mad organist".......

Anyone happen to know the correct title of this piece of music?

Request correct title of music?amc theater

you can try edgar winter group, need more info..

ROckers alert?

i need some music experts to tell me some of the best songs of all the rock bands that ever performed i know its hard but all of u together can do it right?music lovers can surely tell me the one or two singles best magnum opus of the new and old rock bands alike.any sort of rock (or music) ud do if it doesnt involve useless bloody screaming,i appreciate ur help.

ROckers alert?movie theatre

in my opinion, the five best rock songs ever (in no particular order):

1. Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin

2. Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

3. More than a Feeling - Boston

4. 2112 - Rush

5. Sweet Child O' Mine - Guns N' Roses

ROckers alert?playhouse opera theater

any mars volta song has got some pretty mad guitar. always good for some funky time
My personal choices are:

-Stairway to Heaven_Led Zeppelin

-Back in Black_AC\DC

-Smells Like Teen Spirit_Nirvana

-Satisfaction_Rolling Stones

-Twist and Shout_Beatles

Check out the link below for more greatest rock songs. Hope this helps.
Hum, Fonzie T can do this much better but I'll try

Pink Floyd- Comfortably Numb, Sine On You Crazy Diamond

Rush- Fly By Night, 2112

The Kinks- Destroyer, You Really Got me

Boston- Rock and Roll Band, Long Time

Yes- Roundabout, Changes

Led Zeppelin- Houses of the Holy, Ten Years Gone

Blue Oyster Cult- Don't Fear the Reaper, Burning For You

Deep Purple- Perfect Strangers. Smoke on the Water

CCR- Fortunate Son, Bad Moon Rising

Jethro Tull- Thick as a Brick, Aqualung

the Allman Brothers Band- Jessica, Ramblin Man

Neil Young- Hey hey, My My, Ohio

New Order- Ceremony, Age of Consent

Radiohead- Paranoid Android, Karma Police

The Doors- Light My Fire, Peace Frogs

The Grateful Dead- Ripple, Truckin'

Jefferson Airplanes- White rabbit, Somebody to love

Steve Miller Band- Jungle Love, Take the Money and Run

Supertramp- The Logical, Give A Little Bit

....tired, maybe I'll come back later to put more......

Music Question.?

A song came out around 1988 with the line "Danger In Her Eyes" reapeated several time.

I think the female who sang lead may have had some opera training.

Music Question.?imax theater

Deborah Sasson

Can you give me the name of a good female vocalist?

I am looking for a CD with some good female vocalist tracks on it to demonstrate the clarity of my stereo system.

I am looking for clarity and purity like Amy Lee (Evanescence) - "Lithium" and "Good Enough". Paul Oakenfold features a female vocalist on his Another World CD, the song is called Sanvean, but there is no artist information.

If that gives you an idea of what I am looking for, please give me some more ideas. I am hoping to find some opera maybe with orchestral background. Any favorites or suggestions?

Can you give me the name of a good female vocalist?dream theater

i was actually going to suggest Amy lee!

she has a song called haunted that has a choir in the background- just about any song she sings would work.

i would also look at some songs by paramore-she(i dont know the lead singers name, i think it might be heyley)has a really clear voice in SOME songs

Charlotte Martin is also a good option. she has a not widely known song called your armor that she has a very clear voice in, but the songs not my favorite, so i don't know how much you;ll like it.

good luck-i hope you find somthing!

Can you give me the name of a good female vocalist?performing arts opera theaterI did find the singer for sanvean... a group called dead can dance. Go to youtube and type in sanvean. This girl has an amazing voice! Report It

Enya's "May It Be" is a really good song with beautiful clear vocals from the Lord of the Rings soundtrack.
I just heard about someone named "Sissel", her voice is crystal clear and gorgeous. Here's a sample:

Just scroll to the middle of the page

Also, if you go with something like "wishing you were somehow here again" from the Phantom of the opera, you'll get a full orchestra with a high clear voice.

Hope this helps.
well this singer is kinda old school but dinah washington has a ridiculously clear voice. she sang "what a difference a day makes" and other jazz classics in her day. her voice is clear that you can understand every word and phrase that she utters. plus, she's very relaxing to listen to.
Mariah Careyy.....
sarah mclachlan. jewel. charolotte martin. joni mitchell.

Guy problems... Can someone help?

What should I do?

I went to go and see Phantom of the Opera live in the city and I saw a guy there. He was with his family, so we didn't talk, but we kept looking and smiling at each other. I don't know what his name is, but I want to find him or at least see him again. My friend told me that he was reminded of the song 'You're Beautiful' by James Blunt when I told him my story and said that I probably would never see this guy ever again. After all I don't even live in the city where the show was, but the town right next to it. What should I do? Give up, or wait and see?

Guy problems... Can someone help?amc theatre

oh man, same here! i got my "airport guy" too. don't give up hope! i haven't. let fate take it's course

Guy problems... Can someone help?symphony opera theater

stranger thinsg have happened. you could meet again. there's nothing wrong with waiting, just don't get obsessed with it. your life can change in a moment.
LOVE will find it's way.............. ; )
I think you should just wait and see because if you are meant to meet him again then you will if not then in a week or so you'll forget you even met him. Besides there is really nothing you can do because you don't have his name, number, or e-mail address.
im sorry, but i think u have very little chance to see him again
1. pray

2. have faith

wait and see
so..that was the first time you saw him?

leave it to fate, or forget him

Have you seen El zorro in telemundo?

Is a new soap opera, or telenovela made of the original version of El zorro, is really good, is spoken in spanish, but it has closed captions in english, beyonce sings the theme song

Have you seen El zorro in telemundo?imax theatre

Yes, it is terrific! Nice mix of humor with it.

Have you seen El zorro in telemundo?performing show opera theater

No, I haven't.

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